Weekly Reading

March 18-22, 2019

Queen of Pentacles

This is a woman who creates her own abundance, and knows how to balance home, responsibilities and work. She is independent and is able to provide for herself and her family.  If this isn’t you, it’s someone that you know who can provide as a mentor, model and inspiration right now.

Have a great week!


Card from Connolly Tarot ©

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The Weekender!

March 15-18, 2019

Five of Pentacles

This card shows up on a somewhat frequent basis. It’s the poverty mindset card. The scarcity card. In this instance, it’s more about what you believe. If you believe you are entitled to abundance, then it will be yours.  If you believe there is never enough, and that you cannot make or keep money, then that will be your experience.

To combat this, be grateful for what you do have on all levels and the universe will provide more.

Have an abundant weekend!

Card from Moonchild Tarot ©

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Weekly Reading

Three of Wands

March 11-15, 2019

The theme here? Expansion. There are now opportunities to broaden your horizons through study, travel and business. Stay committed to your path, reach out of your comfort zone, that’s where the growth happens.

The man depicted can see into the distance. Like him you can see potential obstacles and can prepare yourself in advance.

This card also denotes travel and a possible job opportunity abroad.

Have a great week!

Card from Alchemia Tarot ©


The Weekender!

Four of Pentacles

March 7-11, 2019

Traditionally the person depicted is holding the coins very tightly, unwilling to let go and let flow. In this card they are floating above her, indicating that you are not holding so tightly to things.

This is a money and business card, so it may be money, possessions or a job, but it may also be a relationship. Your view of things has changed, and with it your priorities regarding this, but there is a freedom in this because it doesn’t have the hold on you it once did.

Change like this is to your benefit. Keep on this path, as it will make space for other things that will bring a more meaningful fulfillment.

Have an amazing weekend!

Card from Moonchild Tarot ©


Weekly Reading

Embrace Change

March 4-8, 2019

This is definitely a season of change for most people, and with all of the cards that have alluded to change since Xmas, this card is no surprise.

The changes are for your highest good and the long term. Whether it’s a job, divorce, change of residence, pregnancy etc. That brilliant white light indicates the change is positive, that it’s something big and life altering. New experiences, knowledge and people. Do not resist or force it. That way they will happen in their correct timing.

Have an illuminating week!

Card from Conscious Spirit Oracle ©