Weekly Reading

Sacral Chakra

January 14-18, 2019

This card is timely, I have been having some issues with my sacral chakra area lately. This card is about more than being comfortable in your own skin, it’s taking care of your physical and energetic body, and protecting yourself, especially if you are an empath or a psychic. It will show up as discomfort in the stomach area. Depression is also a symptom of blockage, research ways to clear and practice when needed.

Card from the Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck ©


The Weekender

Trust Yourself

January 11-14, 2019

You know how your personal growth will happen, how change can occur for you, don’t overthink it. Relax, heed your inner insight, intuition and wisdom. You are growing and changing, don’t doubt it.

Don’t force it, but instead flow with it. Stay in the now, one step at a time. The accumulation of all those steps create that new path, and suddenly you are in a different place, somewhere beautiful, as depicted in the card. Have faith in this process.

Happy weekend! ♥

Card from the Sacred Rebels Oracle  ©


Bottoms Up Reading

January 7-11, 2019

Queen of Pentacles

This is a woman who creates her own abundance. She does not sit idly by waiting for others to bring her what she needs, she has the know-how and the ability to create what she needs. And she does.

This card can indicate that you will be working from home sometime this year or that you will receive recognition at work.

In relationships, you are comfortable with where you are, and do not need to find a partner currently to feel content.

Have a great week! ♥♥♥

Card from Connolly Tarot ©


The Weekender!

January 4-7, 2019

Nine of Wands

After extensive shuffling, I pulled this card twice. This woman has persevered, she has kept the detractors at bay in previous cards and is now only steps from the top, she is in fine form. She just has a little ways to go.

There may be a small delay in some area of your life, but if you see it through and don’t become distracted, keep your eye on the goal; you will get where you want to be. Don’t stop now.

Have a great weekend!

Card from the Housewives Tarot ©


New Year’s Reading

December 31- January 4, 2019

The Moon and the Star

A continuation from the weekender, the moon here is asking you to forgo any feelings of disillusionment, unless they contribute to your growth, and moving forward… purging the old. Again, inspiration that feeds invention and creativity is marked here.

The star taps into your inner voice and the purpose of your being. You are now able to replenish your energy and begin again. You are coming to terms with who you really are. No matter what life brings, you are connected to divine source. This brings a new appreciation for who you are.

The star creates renewed hope and faith and a feeling of being truly blessed. You are entering a peaceful phase with major personal growth, creativity and transformation. What an amazing start to 2019!

Happy New Year!